2014 Florida Election Pot & Potty Talk – Medical Marijuana and Flushing Governor Rick Scott Down the Toilet Metaphorically for Less Crap

Potty talk on the 2014 Florida Elections, well, the shit is flying everywhere. The toilet is backed up and both candidates are full of it. Unfortunately, for sake of simplicity, we’re left with only two bad choices and can only wipe our ass with one. I think we need to wipe our asses with Governor Rick Scott and flush him down the toilet. The idiom, “don’t shit where you eat”, well, Governor Rick Scott as shit all over Florida workers especially State workers and workers participating in the Florida Retirement System (FRS). Government workers, of all the people in Florida, should remember what Governor Rick Scott gave you, a big screw! All of you should turn out in record numbers to teach this man, Governor Rick Scott, a lesson and reminder, you don’t shit where you eat! Then we have former Governor Jeb Bush stepping right into shit and endorsing this clown for re-election and talking pundits, like Sean Hannity stating he has no clue why the election is close. Well, I agree with him on that, why is it close? This Governor has left a trail of feces from Tallahassee to Key West and he wants to give us four more years of his crap, so yes why is it close is a good question but not for Hannity’s idea to have us stinking four more years in Governor Rick Scott’s heaping dung pile.

Now, to continue with the potty talk lets talk about Pot, marijuana legalization for medical use. I’m gonna make this brief. Just as full of shit as Governor Scott, is the anti-legalization spin ads and pundits spewing lies and fear to scare people into thinking that Amendment 2 will legalize street drug dealers and have you walking through plumes of pot smoke on sidewalks. I mean, who writes this stuff. Its nonsense and these people just don’t give up but they would have you believe that people don’t actually drink in drive either or get into brawls at bars because they drank to much, while legalizing medical marijuana will have people smoking whole joints and fighting. When was the last time you heard someone taking a puff( not smoking a whole joint) and getting into fight? Well, you might have, but most of those were isolated incidents involving nut jobs, but the the majority of pot smokers don’t do that. The same can’t be said for a large number of those consuming alcohol. But stop, we’re not even talking about that, we’re talking about legalization of cannabis for strictly limited purposes for persons with critical medical conditions such as cancer, but they want you to believe this is a free for all and the world’s going mad. Look if the Doctors and law enforcement can’t control the prescription drugs that are an epidemic in Florida, someone’s writing these prescriptions and they are called doctors, we’re suppose to snub our nose at a plant that is not manufactured or processed. Please. The only people blowing toxic smoke are the liars.

So remember when voting, VOTE YES for Amendment 2 Medical Cannabis/Marijuana/Pot and
VOTE NO for Governor Scott, he’s all potty talk.

Remember to vote for Amendment 2 so people who are suffering from seizures, cancer and other serious disorders can get relief and maybe even get better. The use of cannabis for medicinal purposes has been extensively researched and approved by the Israeli government and leading the way is Raphael Mechoulam. I encourage you to watch the “marijuana miracle cure” documentary series. There are three parts. There is plenty of verifiable information relating to its use for medicine and industry in American dating back to America’s founding fathers, up until big government and big tobacco companies found a way to criminalize illegal immigrants coming across the border, in addition to false fear campaigns claiming and actors depicting as if they had gone mad. If what you know about marijuana is what you have been taught and conditioned all your life by the government and those around you, there is good chance your information is wrong. One final thought, the government has attempted in recent years to make it illegal to buy such natural supplements such as vitamin c over the counter and obtainable only through a prescription from a doctor. Would that be acceptable to you? If the government is willing to criminalize something as natural as vitamin c, it should be no surprise they were successful in criminalizing a legal crop and over the counter product in the U.S. at one time, cannabis.

Disabled Call for Boycott of Disney Theme Parks

A call for all disabled people to boycott all Disney Theme Parks until Disney changes its policy to implement a revised policy that better accommodates persons with disabilities including access to attractions, privacy in the screening process at Guest Relations and abandonment of mugshot like photos. Disney has no problem chargin $350 to upwards of over $500 for guided tours giving those wealthy access to additional FastPass experiences while condemning the wealthy for hiring disabled guides.

An argument could be made that hiring a disabled guide is not such an abject thing when you consider your are employing a disabled person as opposed to Disney’s VIP tour designed to fill its coffers. Nonetheless, the issue here is Disney’s discriminate policy it implemented part in parcel in response to some idiot’s story about evil Manhattan moms. This policy has one purpose and that is to protect Disney’s pocket book.

Boycott Disney Theme Parks until they accommodate person’s with disabilities.

Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom

Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom

Bully Pulpit

Cross Bow

Many of the “religious right” are really part of the religious wrong and part of the hate preached against the religious wronged.

It is horrifying that some of these One Verse Charlies and Bible Thumpers have flown all the way to Uganda to spread the bully pulpit message of hate with such impact that Uganda is still attempting to pass a bill that would make homosexuality illegal and punishable by imprisonment or death.  Many are “outed” in media publications and networks giving the names, pictures and home and business addresses of anyone even suspected of homosexuality.  The so called pastors have even resorted to showing pornography during services alleging that ALL HOMOSEXUALS engage in acts that consist of fringe fetishes by showing them these pictures and videos.

Hypocrisy at its height are those that stand and speak in the name of God or Jesus or any other name they proclaim in order to spread hate.

They sit in the seat of judgement condemning whomever they will.

How is it they are so far off the gospel and good news of Christ?

Did He not say He came not to condemn the world but to save it.

Heresy in my opinion because it is not the gospel Christ preached.  It is the Christian’s job to send forth that message of Salvation and show love.  It is up to ANY SINNER,  to reconcile that with God, not a pretext for salvation or acceptance by God.  But of course it is by many traditions of men. How can the message of Salvation be received or people receive love if they are condemned at the same time?

But God’s Word says His Judgement starts at the pulpit in the church and from what I”ve read its not going to be pretty for many of these bible thumpers that that proclaim to God in that day that they did all in His name.  He tells them, depart from me, I never knew you.  God knows how to take care of bullies.


Colin Powell Psychological Race WMDs – LIAR


There was a time when I highly esteemed Colin Powell and I would’ve voted for him if he had run for President amidst those who railed him as an “Uncle Tom”.   Well, the only word I can use for him now is liar and race baiter.

He lied before the U.N. about WMDs and now he weighs in yet again on the George Zimmerman / Trayvon Martin case.   Thanks, but no thanks, you pathetic meanderer joining the ranks of the other race baiters serving their own interests.


Forget the Florida woman, MARISSA ALEXANDER, convicted THIS YEAR by same Prosecutor and Governor in Florida AND NO ONE WAS HARMED IN HER OWN HOME and where is Colin Powell’s outcry, where are the others that decry the injustice allegedly perpetrated against Trayvon Martin?  Where is the outcry of admitted racism in the brutal murder of Christopher Lane jogging down the street in the day time, stalked because three black teens were bored and decided to kill him for fun?  One of these teens has documented twitter feed spewing hate against white people.


Where is Colin Powell and all the other hypocrites.   Yes, indeed an Uncle Tom, as is the Rev. Jessie Jackson, and Al Sharpton and I’ll stop there, but the master they service is their own pocket books.  They do not really want the dream that someone who was for real, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., wanted, no it is more profitable to keep the Dream from happening.

Now Maya Angelou said just yesterday, marking the 50th anniversary of the “Dream” speech given by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., that this Dream is not just for Blacks but for the poor, the poor blacks, the poor whites, the poor latinos and anyone else who is oppressed and wronged.  Now her words ring truth, because if we continue to listen to those who use psychological WMDs to divide us and bait us by race, we’re doomed, but if we realize and see that we share the same plight at present time, perhaps there may be some future to realize the “Dream”.

What About Marissa Alexander


Hillary Rodham Clinton for President – What Difference Does It Make

Enterovirus, Ebola, and chaos threatening catastrophic outbreaks in the United States and across the world but I love the Hillary Shuffle!
Just do the Hillary Shuffle – It doesn’t make a difference or a hill of beans.

I mean really!  You can input any question, any scenario and then play this.
The world is going to hell in a hand basket around us….
There’s nothing you can really do about any of it anyways so….


More information.  Simple.  The news outlets we have now all have their strengths and weaknesses, but none of them are perfect no matter what your preference in news channels.   Al Jazeera America is no different, they just happen to originate from the Middle East.

For the past several years I’ve been watching Al Jazeera English on the internet and I found that they had some remarkable programs that dealt with American issues on the home front, in addition to other programming that dealt with a ride range of issues, and they were covering these issues with different perspective or more information not normally covered or only covered in brief segments.  I was particularly impressed with the human rights stories they covered from the bailouts in America that have hit main stream Americans hard to Russia and China.

Now I hope they broaden the content on Al Jazeera America that is no longer available on Al Jazeera English, but so far, Al Jazeera America is delivering additional information on stories here in America that we care about and while I’m aware there is questions over their airing of Osama Bin Laden tapes, lets keep in mind they are a news organization and how many of our news outlets air videos or pictures that spur controversy or report information that our own government has criticized as inappropriate because of its sensitivity.

In any event, that’s my take on the new news channel available to us, it doesn’t hurt to have another source of information.


Al Jazeera America  promises diversity and to cover stories not in the mainstream including connecting with main street using technology or going into the field.

John Seigenthaler is now part of the Al Jazeera America.